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Find a trusted pet sitter

Trust Petpals Pet Sitters to care for your pets while you are away from home. Our pet sitting service offers drop-in visits, ensuring your house and pets are well looked after.

Cats and other small pets relax in their own home and dislike the change that holidays can bring when they are transported to boarding establishments. In worst-case scenarios, they can become stressed and withdrawn when away from their usual environment.

Petpals’ pet sitters can reflect your usual animal care routine while you are away on holiday or business by visiting your pet at home to take care of their needs. Despite your absence, familiar sounds and smells reassure cats and small pets, and they soon accept a pet sitter coming in to feed them, keep them clean, and provide valuable companionship.

We visit once or twice a day to ensure that your pets are healthy and happy, administering medication as needed and providing plenty of TLC while you are away. Petpals’ cat sitters are ideal for nervous or elderly cats seeking the reassurance of familiar surroundings if their owner is away.

Our small pet sitters cater to rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, birds, and exotics, ensuring they are taken care of, fed, and cleaned according to your normal routine.

Petpals’ regular visits to your home while you are away also serve as a security measure. We can remove post, open and close curtains or blinds, put out the bins, and water plants, all of which suggests the house is still occupied.

If you need a sitter for your cat, dog or small pet, find a pet sitter with Petpals for peace of mind. Pet owners can trust Petpals for comprehensive house sitting and pet sitting services, knowing their pets are in good hands.

Benefit of Petpals Pet Sitting Services

Safe and Secure: All our staff are fully uniformed, DBS checked, insured and ID’d. We only use reliable, trained and trustworthy pet sitters.

Comfort and Familiarity: Pets stay in their own home, where they are most comfortable and familiar with their surroundings, reducing stress and anxiety.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that a trusted professional is caring for your pet at home provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your work or travel without worry.

Home Security: Our pet sitters can visit your home regularly which provides an added layer of security by checking on the house, bringing in mail, and maintaining a lived-in appearance.

Behavioural Stability: Being in a familiar environment helps maintain behavioural stability and reduces the risk of behavioural issues that can arise from being in an unfamiliar setting such as boarding kennels or catteries.

Routine Maintenance: Our pet sitters maintain your pet’s daily routine, including feeding, walking, and playtime, which helps keep your pet relaxed and happy. Our pet sitters can offer a range of services, including administering medications, special dietary needs, and even additional tasks like plant watering or light housekeeping.

Updates and Communication: Our pet sitters provide regular updates, photos, and communication, keeping you informed about your pet’s well-being and activities while you are away.

Trust Petpals Pet Sitters to care for your pets while you are away from home.

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