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Puppy Care, Play & Walking Visits

We know how important it is to treat your pet with the love and care they deserve, especially during their formative months. Our comprehensive service ensures your puppy has an exciting time while you’re away.

Our dedicated pet sitters provide personalised puppy visits, giving your furry friend the attention and care they need. Each visit is designed to keep your puppy happy, engaged, and well-cared for.

We include short dog walks as part of our service, allowing your puppy to explore and enjoy some fresh air. These short walks are perfect for stretching those little legs and burning off some energy.

We understand the importance of maintaining a regular toilet routine for your puppy. During each visit, we ensure your puppy gets a timely toilet break, helping with house-training and preventing accidents.

Our pet sitters are passionate about animals and ensure each visit is an exciting time for your puppy. From playtime to cuddles, we keep your puppy entertained and loved.

All our sitters are trained in pet first aid, insured, DBS checked and dedicated to providing the highest standard of care.

We offer flexible scheduling to fit your needs, ensuring your puppy receives regular care even with your busy schedule.

Treat your pet to the best care with Petpals’ Puppy Care Visit Service. Contact us today to schedule your first visit and give your puppy the attention and care they deserve!

Benefit of Petpals Puppy Care Visits

Safe and Secure: All our staff are fully uniformed, DBS checked, insured and ID’d. We only use reliable, trained and trustworthy pet carers.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that a trained and trusted professional is caring for your puppy while you're away at work or travel provides great peace of mind.

Socialisation: Regular visits from our pet carers help puppies get used to different people, which is crucial for their social development.

Exercise and Play: Puppies have high energy levels. Our pet carers ensure they get the necessary exercise and playtime to stay healthy and happy.

Routine Reinforcement: Our pet carers will maintain their routine, encourage outdoor toilet breaks and keep to their usual feeding schedules.

Companionship: Puppies need lots of attention and interaction. Our puppy care visits prevent them from feeling lonely or anxious.

Updates and Communication: Our puppy carers provide regular updates, photos, and communication, keeping you informed about your puppy’s well-being and activities while you are away.

Treat your puppy to the best care, with Petpals!

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