Pet ID Microchips

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Pet ID microchips for your dog, cat & household pets

Microchipping offers permanent and irrefutable proof of identity to enable the safe return of your pet when it is found. We cover the microchipping of a range of family pets, including dogs and cats. After having your pet microchipped, join the microchip identification system Pet ID, register your pet on PetLog and the Kennel Club Database. Don’t delay having your pet microchipped.

Petlog is the UKs largest pet microchipping database looking after your pet 24/7, 365 days a year. Their lost pet microchip database has details of over 4.2 million microchipped pets and their owners. In 2009 they assisted with over 100,000 lost & found calls from vets, police and animal wardens. They all worked to get your lost pets safely back home.

If the unthinkable happens and your pet goes missing, the network of scanners held by Dog Wardens, Veterinary Practices, Animal Welfare Organisations such as the RSPCA, Blue Cross and PDSA, will identify your pets unique chip number to allow it to be safely returned to you.
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Take the opportunity to have your pet micro chipped at competive rates and enjoy the benefits of lifetime registration on the Kennel Club database PetLog. Recieve a unique collar tag to allow your pet to be re-united with you.

Microchipping is simple as the micro chip is the size of a grain of rice. It is easy to implant and no anaesthetic is needed, whatever the species.

Pet ID microchips are coated with an anti-migratory coating Parylene C to reduce migration risk, allowing the chip to stay in place and not move from the shoulder. This allows the chip to be scanned when your pet is found.

Pet ID FDXB microchips conform to the requirements for the Pet Travel Scheme.

Why Use Petpals?

Petpals take the responsibility of looking after your pet very seriously which is why we are members of the Pet Care Franchise Association – who are there to improve welfare standards in the pet care industry. 

Our mission is simply to positively enhance the lives of our clients by providing exceptional pet care for their much-loved pet, ensuring we become their best friends friend.

Our dedicated, trained, and professional teams will deliver a safe, fun and nurturing environment for our client’s pets whilst delivering a customer experience to allow our clients to relax in the knowledge their pets and their homes are in safe hands.

Your pets are 100% safe, our franchisees are:

DBS checked

Fully insured

ID badged

Pet first-aid trained